My wonderful son spent some serious time looking for music that would relax me. He done good! Check it out ->

"On October 16, 2011, Marconi Union created an eight minute track, titled "Weightless", in collaboration with the British Academy of Sound Therapy.

According to scientists at the Mindlab institution (a commercial 'neuromarketing' company) it induced a 65% reduction in overall anxiety and brought test subjects' resting pulse rates to 35% of their usual resting rates.


Monday, May 13, 2013

Start Me Up!

For many years I’ve made it a hobby to study health, nutrition, and sport. In later years I formally studied recreation and tourism, with an emphasis on tourism management and development. Sadly all that study saw me spending increasing amounts of time in front of a computer instead of the actual participation in sport and physical activity, and it’s taken a serious toll on my health. Add to that my indulgences in drink and smoke, convenience foods, lack of attention to diet, daily stressors, unusual stressors, the toll of chronic health problems,  the inevitable and glorious effects of age on my mind/body/spirit; and I am left here with a somewhat unrecognizable body, and markedly different mental affect. Don’t get me wrong, there are some advantages to this process. As I’ve come to place less importance on looks, how many pushups I can do, and how many tasks I can accomplish in a day. (Some things truly are inevitable as we accept the natural winding down of a once spirited and busy life.) I found I have accepted that it’s sometimes ok to do little; accomplishments can be measured not only in productivity, but in small joys and thoughtful moments. The most important thing I have learned to appreciate is my (now returned) sense of childlike play. And I do like to play.
So while I accept these hard earned wrinkles, the sunspots that pay tribute to happy memories, the less fluid joints, the straining and now lens assisted eyes, and other changes; some gradual, some surprising, some quite profound; I find that I am not yet ready to ride calmly off into that sunset. I believe that vitality need not slip wantonly away and that I do deserve a chance and require the strength that will allow me to enjoy my shifting values and embrace my still keen desire for adventure and play. With this in mind, I have again taken up my quest in learning what I may do to improve my health and attitude, and have a renewed determination in that I will not wither or wane but live in grace and acceptance, with serenity *and* vigor, for as long as time will lend.

All that being said… there’s nothing wrong with being prepared: Bucket list item # 22: Ride in a helicopter.

Here now is how I start my day: May 13th. Lay in bed until I *feel* like getting up. Light stretches, think about meditating, pick up my son’s messes (these young people are in such a hurry to start their day), fire up the computer, drink my morning shot of Garden of Life Perfect food original Super green formula (probably not the best but I found it to be affordable, I usually get mine on Amazon here: ), and pulled out a ready-made frozen smoothie to thaw.

My morning smoothie recipe:
Fresh orange
Organic banana
Unsweeted and unflavored almond milk
Vanilla flavored kosher certified yogurt
Frozen raspberries, blueberries and strawberries (according to Deepak Chopra; frozen foods are less desirable as they are lacking in the live enzymes found in fresh…that was a very loose interpretation…one of us should go find a link… and I’ll have to see if fresh berries might be affordable on my budget now that some are coming locally into season).
Two healthy scoops of protein powder (Genisoy, bought at Fred Meyer, it was cheap but lacking in the amino acids that I normally look for in a protein powder… next time I’ll take my glasses to the store :o  )

-blend until smooth drink one giant mugful and freeze two portions to be consumed on Tuesday and Wednesday.

- -later if I’m still hungry I may have a half multi grain muffin with honey (local is best to help ward off allergies), or small bowl of oatmeal sweetened with blackstrap molasses and mixed with raisons and/or apples and cinnamon. The cinnamon is rich in magnesium and helps to stabilize blood sugar… remind me to buy some blackstrap molasses.

- - - If I were really serious about doing stuff right I’d likely also have an 81mg. chewable aspirin and a shot of Braggs apple cider vinegar, and do some yoga… but let’s not get carried away yes? I’ll go deadhead my flowers instead.


I had a dream… It was late at night and I sat in quiet in the city street. A janitor in a midrise building at work caught my eye. As I watched him slowly work his way from desk to desk in the office he was attending, I thought of all the junk piled up on that desk. Suddenly my focus expanded and I was aware of the generous piles of junk in that office. My mind’s eye zoomed out even more and I could barely comprehend the truly magnificent amount of stuff that was contained in that building. And the building itself. Zooming out even more my awareness took in the massive creation that was one giant heap of manmade junk that was this city. And so many others like it across the world. Piles and piles of stuff littered the earth like giant anthills made of garbage all about the globe. This is our legacy. Astounded I was.
Scaling back some, I’ve lately become very aware of all the garbage littering my body. The many chemicals and compounds that we daily inhale, digest, and absorb. Ewwwwww Yuck! I’ll post more on this later… all the chemicals in my system are making me too lazy to write ;P