My wonderful son spent some serious time looking for music that would relax me. He done good! Check it out ->

"On October 16, 2011, Marconi Union created an eight minute track, titled "Weightless", in collaboration with the British Academy of Sound Therapy.

According to scientists at the Mindlab institution (a commercial 'neuromarketing' company) it induced a 65% reduction in overall anxiety and brought test subjects' resting pulse rates to 35% of their usual resting rates.


Friday, March 21, 2014

I remember a morning so long ago. I was young and had stayed up all night. We were at the lake my friends and I, and I, wanting to greet the imminent sunrise, sat in the life guard's seat. In the water and above the water I sat still and on my own. The warmest hues of pink and gold stretching across the horizon; heralded the beckoning sun. As its orbit kissed the hilltops, its light stretching as far as I could see. In that moment I had become part of the sun and sky. My mind and my limbs stretched out to mingle with the corona; and in this mingling there was no end to my being and no beginning of the sun and sky to be perceived. In this radiance we had become one. The lake, the sky, and the sun and I; all shared the same eternal plain. We were one and each other. And everything was good. I carry that with me; that timeless oneness of being. And know in my heart there exists in the world and in life (and death) always a new sunrise. 

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